Welcome to our website

This is the official website of Marcham Parish Council. It aims to provide information about the role of the Council and what we have been doing on behalf of the village. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see on these pages.

How to contact us

All enquiries about the work of the Council should be addressed to our Clerk, who is Mrs Linda Martin. She can be contacted by telephone/fax on 01865 391833, by email to clerk@marchamparishcouncil.gov.uk or by post to 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham, Abingdon OX13 6PU.


  • A casual vacancy has occurred on the Parish Council following the resignation of Jude Brown. We are able to co-opt a suitable person onto the Council, and since there will be an election for the whole Council in May 2015, the current seat is only vacant until then. If anyone is interested in joining the Council then please contact the Parish Clerk (details above) for further information about the role.

  • Four major planning applications have now been approved for a total of 130 new houses within Marcham. In an attempt to preserve its rural character and to get the best possible outcome for Marcham, the Parish Council has produced its own guidance for new housing developments. This is primarily aimed at developers, and we are asking all current and future developers to consider this guidance when producing designs for the village. Please click here for the guidance itself.

  • The 31 bus service is now using buses that transmit real time information about their position. This is how the displays like those at the bus stops on Stratton Way in Abingdon are kept up to date. You can find out what time the next 31 bus is due here in Marcham by using an online system called OxonTime. Just tell it your postcode and you can then find out what time the next bus is due at any of the 8 stops here in the village. Click here if you would like to use it. As with all of our bus services, we need to use them whenever possible if we want to keep them running. Could you use the bus the next time you take a trip to Abingdon, Oxford, Wantage or Witney and leave the car in the garage? Click here for the current 31 timetable. or click here for the X15 timetable.

  • Oxfordshire County Council have made an emergency closure for public safety reasons of part of Bridleway 17 that crosses the bridge that spans the river Ock south of Marcham Mill. The order took effect from 5 August 2013, and will stay in force for a period of 6 months or until the works have been completed if sooner. The effect of the Order is to temporarily prohibit persons and vehicles from crossing the bridge. Appropriate signs will be displayed to indicate the prohibition is in force. Exemptions are included for emergency services and for the works. There is no convenient alternative route. Please click here for details of the closure.

  • Marcham village shop and Post Office are now open all day from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, as well as 7.30am to 1.00pm on Saturday and Sunday. The shop and Post Office are staffed by a mixture of volunteers and employees.

  • After two years of hard work, involving more than 70 volunteers, a printed copy of the Community-led Plan for Marcham has been delivered to every house in the village. It is based on the data that was collected from the questionnaires that went out in September 2012. There were replies from 1207 people across 559 households, which is an 87% response rate. The plan has 24 pages and includes 39 actions that will help to improve our village. If you would like more details or a copy of the plan, then please click here for the Marcham Forward website.

  • Over the summer, the Parish Council ran a competition to find the best kept front gardens in the village. Our judges walked round every street in the village and assessed the gardens that can be seen by any passerby. We asked Millets Farm Garden Centre to be the judge for the final round, and they chose Florrie's Cottage, 21 North Street as the overall winner of our Best Kept Front Garden Competition for 2013. If you would like further details, then please click in the Best Kept Front Garden box on the left of the screen.

  • Oxfordshire County Council, with the support of the Parish Council, have installed a zebra crossing on Packhorse Lane next to The Crown, to make crossing the A415 between North Street and Mill Road easier and safer. Please click here for the layout.

  • The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to request information held by public authorities. Under this legislation the Parish Council has now set out where access to public information held by the Council can be found. If you would like further details, then please click in the Publications box on the left of the screen.